Friday, January 15, 2010

Toxic sport ?

While driving around Melba, Idaho on a gorgeous late winter day (Looked more like early spring), I checked out a very strange situation found right on the eastern edge of town. I was checking out this really promising looking section of corn stubble, dotted with little rocky islands of heavy cover. Looked absolutely primo for pheasants. A small group of mallards were spotted dropping into a flooded low spot out in the corn.

To my surprise, just a short distance west of this low spot , right on top of a nearby rise was a skeet shooting facility, a gun club if you will. The field right next to it was orange with broken "clay pigeons". The duck hole was easily within range of the shot produced by this place. I hoped the skeet shooters were using steel shot. If not, that field was getting a major peppering of lead which could not have been good for those ducks.

Some time later, as evening was falling, a big flight of mallards dropped into that spot to feed on the waste corn. I wanted to return here to fly the falcon after finding the owner to secure permission. I wondered if they had the same concerns as I did. I'll be back, just not on shooting day.

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