Monday, March 15, 2010

Coopers Falcon ?

Finally back to work at Cloverdale Nursery for spring 2010. I was getting re-acquainted with the trees, healed in the back area, when I noticed a large(female) Coopers Hawk rising into the sky in a soar. Once she reached a few hundred feet, she was right above me, as I moved through a section of crab apple trees. A "herd" of Robins, on their way north, chattered nervously at the end of the row. The 2" to 3" caliper trees were still full of old, dried- out fruit, left from last season. Snowdrift and Indian Magic crabs for the most part, for those who might be interested in good wildlife varieties.

Suddenly, the hawk folded into a tear drop shape and stooped like a falcon into the bird laden trees in front of me. Dozens of red-breasted thrushes busted out of their lunch room and headed for the adjacent neighborhood,
with the hawk right behind them. She appeared to be an adult, flashing some blue as she scooted over a cedar fence. "Blue Darter" indeed !

Could not tell if she scored. I don't suppose she will have a hard time finding food around the nursery, on her way to the mountains. Last fall, I found a pile of Robin feathers on top of a big root ball, which had the mark of the accipiter all over it.