Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another pair?

I was following up a lead of an adult peregrine sighting in Nampa this morning and found a pair of them sitting serenely together on a big construction crane by the Sorrento plant at Franklin and Star Rd.

I had lost a one and a half year old Peales Peregrine tiercel in the area, a year ago at Christmas and was checking to see if it was my old "Bow"

These two dark capped Anatum Peregrines were looking very relaxed in spite of the busy construction site. Welding sparks were spitting from the big structure going up within 100 feet of them.
It seemed like the tiercel was saying , "I hope they get this thing built by spring Mildrid." Yes Henry, I think it might be perfect.", she said.

The Sugar Beet plant is several miles to the west, so I suppose it could be that pair. Need to keep an eye on them. Other interested eyes might do the same.

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